Technical management

The (technical) maintenance of the rental property, coordinating work or responding adequately to technical complaints: a lot of precious time is involved in the technical management of a property.

365Beheer is happy to be the technical point of contact for tenants and is ready to help with maintenance issues and emergencies. Thanks to a smart approach, we can save costs on maintenance.

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    Technical suppliers

    The customer decides whether to use our technical suppliers or provide these himself. Our national coverage results in smart sourcing from all types of suppliers.
    You can always expect great rates thanks to our fixed agreements with suppliers. We regularly review our ongoing supplier contracts to ensure that they are still beneficial. After each job, we check that the work was properly carried out and completed.

    • Annual discussion: we have discussions each year with the landlord regarding major, minor and daily maintenance.
    • 24/7 availability for technical complaints, malfunctions and emergencies.
    • Online access: Landlords always have online access to supplier contracts, inspection reports, leases, delivery documents and construction drawings.
    • Insurance: In the event of damage, we check what is covered under the insurance policy(ies).
    • It is also possible to make customised supplemental agreements.
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    Property management as a service

    Choose your services in a modular structure. Just technical, financial or full service property management.

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    No risks

    We are professionals, so we guarantee a risk free property management

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    Fully automated

    We have a fully automated
    workflow and online rent
    administration panel

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    National coverage

    With more than 100 service
    offices in the Netherlands,
    we can act quickly.

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