Financial management

365Beheer provides financial security. We ensure that the rent is paid, keep the rental records, advise landlords on market-based rental prices and implement changes in leases. We take the financial management completely off your hands. 365Beheer is the first point of contact for tenants who have questions about administrative matters.

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    How we work:

    Timely rent collection

    We collect rental and service costs on time. If the landlord uses our Prepay Rent Module, we then typically pay the rent to the landlord on the 27th of the month, even if we have yet to receive the rent from the tenant. Without the module, we always automatically transfer the rent on the day of receipt.

    Payment arrears

    We detect payment arrears as soon as they occur. Thanks to our thorough credit management, we can work quickly and proactively after consultation with the landlord. Should it be necessary, we can take legal action in collaboration with our bailiffs and solicitors.

    Financial rental overview

    The landlord receives a monthly detailed financial rental overview. Landlords always have online access to the financial statements, rental records, supplier contracts, technical costs and inspection reports.

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    Outsourcing management

    Choose your services in a modular structure. Just technical, financial or full service property management.

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    No risks

    We are professionals, so we guarantee a risk free property management

    365 beheer vastgoedbeheer

    Fully automated

    We have a fully automated
    workflow and online rent
    administration panel

    365 beheer vastgoedbeheer

    National coverage

    With more than 100 service
    offices in the Netherlands,
    we can act quickly.

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